Return of “The Lion” Andrew Caruth

After his loss at MFC 80 against Warren Richards for the MFC Featherwieght Title Andrew Caruth looks at not only making a come back but to do it convincingly. Caruth is scheduled to fight Yusif “Rambo” Moola, a blackbelt veteran to the MMA and Kickboxing scene.

Caruth mentions hes been going through a grueling camp at Lions Den the past few weeks focusing on skills and technique to help develop himself as a all round fighter.

Caruth says hes “I have different game plan. I hope Yusif is ready for a fight on the night.”

With a recent win at Ground Quest in November, Caruth looks to test all his skill sets and hopes to perform at his peak at MFC 96: Road To Glory but knows he will have to work harder in the cage come fight night if hes looking for contendership in the 2018.

David Verster head coach of Lions Den says Caruth has put more time in his stand up and defense. “Hes focused and determined.” says David. with a new skill set added to Caruths arsenal the bout is looking to be total war.