“Know thyself, know thy enemy.
A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”

The battlefield is set for Sunday, March, at the Greyville Convention Centre in Durban, South Africa. The undisputed MFC South African Middleweight Champion, Adei Volker, will defend his title. Known as a fighter steadfast in purpose and unwavering in his dedication to a fight, Volker has, before and will once again, look for a definitive win. As easy as it all might sound, standing in his way is an athlete of inconceivable adaptability, Yaw Ahyia-Osae, a fighter of relentless pace and unpredictable strikes. Will heart overcome ability? Will courage prevail over persistence? Who will conquer and lay claim to what is rightfully theirs?

The sound of war calls only the bravest, only the toughest, only those who can endure the onslaught and are confident in victory. One of the hardest-hitting soldiers in the MFC Featherweight division, Lucky Hamadzaripi, answers the call; he’s coming for what he deserves. He will be relentless, but is he prepared? In the midst of the battlefield stands a champion, waiting, more cunning and tactical than those before him. “The Wolf,” Jesse Lee Paul, MFC South African Featherweight Champion, has been watching and is hungry.

The battle lines have been drawn. Athletes prepare in the art of war. Only the strong will survive.

Fight Card To Come