Expect Panda-Monium

MFC 94 was Paul Rich’s debut fight in the cage and after a grueling 3 rounds he was victorious. Rich showcased great technical stand up against Nabu Kadima, and is now set on another win.

“The mans in trouble” is how Rich replied to being asked how he feels for his fight on  Sunday the 4th of March at MFC 98. “I don’t spend any time focusing on who I’m fighting, at the end of the day it’s another man who’s in the way and I simply have to perform on the night and do whatever it it takes to win.”

Rich says we “going to witness something special, you don’t want to miss this.” With his training been what he describes as the hardest and toughest hes done in his MMA career. Rich believes if you train hard you fight easy. “I honestly can’t wait to get in the cage and put on a show for all my fans and supporters, expect panda-monium”.

With 5 days left till MFC 98: Nemesis the fans will be keeping their eyes on this main card fight. Hoping the panda will roar with victory and prove once again why he deserves the W.