About MFC

Hosting both local and international events over the past 10 years, MFC continues to raise the bar at every event and to showcase the enormous pool of talent in the mixed martial arts industry in SA. While MFC has been instrumental in creating dozens of South African champions, some of whom have made successful careers as professional athletes both at home and abroad.

Having a close link to Shuriken Fight Series in New Zealand, new avenues are being opened up to bring more overseas athletes to our shores to test the mettle of the South African athletes.

MFC bringing you all the excitement and rush of full contact fighting among SAs established and upcoming MMA athletes.

Shihan Larry Vorster (6th Dan)

Shuriken Karate and Kickboxing was started in 1980. This became Shuriken Kickboxing only and the organisation flourished with 11 dojos operating throughout the whole of Kwa-Zulu Natal. South Africa.

Shihan Larry hosted the first “No Rules” competition in Kwa-Zulu Natal at Night Fever night club in Durban the year 2000. The “No Rules” events took off like wildfire and “FightClub” was born. This was the premium brand of the new fighting sport to take the country by storm. Events held provincially and great interest was shown for the Fight Club brand.

In 2007 “Fight Force” was born. This was to become the premier brand at the time with events held in Durban, Gauteng, Pretoria and Cape Town.

After enjoying great success over several years Shihan Larry moved on to run MFC Fight Zone which captured the MMA market in Kwa-Zulu Natal with events being held at Sun Coast Casino, Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom and now Greyville Exhibtion Centre.

Shihan Larry Vorster was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by MMA SA National Board members during the last MFC Tournament in Durban.

Youth Development Initiative

Martial arts has long been recognized as an effective vehicle for instilling discipline and fostering good character. While MFC is actively engaged in grassroots programs, our commitment extends further as we embark on a comprehensive initiative to expand our reach into townships and suburbs through the establishment of a network of dojos and gyms.

MFC has consistently demonstrated a passion for youth development within the sport, exemplified by the creation of MFC Ground Quest in 2010 under the guidance of Shihan Larry Vorster. This program is specially designed to introduce both young individuals and adult beginners to martial arts, gaining significant popularity among the youth and parents alike. To accommodate the overwhelming demand, MFC has expanded the hosting venue three times.

Township-Based Dojos and MMA Clubs

Within MFC Fight Zone, a cadre of signed athletes is currently based in townships across the country, including Umlazi, Kwa Mashu, Ntuzuma, Secunda, and more. Trainers such as Senseis Khuselo Vutela, Billy “Superman,” and Fathima Asmal are instrumental in nurturing local talent.

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, our vision includes robust support for these burgeoning MMA communities. While they possess the enthusiasm and willingness to participate, many face obstacles such as limited transport, insufficient equipment, lack of nutritional support, and inadequate gear. Consequently, numerous talented yet unsupported athletes find themselves unable to compete at tournaments, entangled in the challenging cycle of unemployment, debt, and sometimes poverty. One of our primary objectives is to furnish these disadvantaged athletes with the essential tools needed to propel their dreams and ambitions beyond the confines of the sporting arena, recognizing that many of them bear responsibilities for households and families.

In collaboration with EPIC Youth Matters, a non-profit organization dedicated to working with youth in diverse communities, MFC has integrated EPIC’s “Young Woman Of Magnificent Beauty” (YWOMB) and “Young Men Of Honor” (YMOH) programs into our youth development strategy. These programs are strategically designed to instill good character, integrity, and a sense of purpose in our young participants, addressing the pressing issue of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in our communities.